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The Canucks are out but Jeffrey Sachs was in town! May 13, 2009

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OTTAWA – Spent most of the morning with a cloud hanging over my head. My beloved Canucks are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Uggg. They lost 7-5 last night. Was full of gloom all morning but then fun developments in the world of economics in Ottawa were taking place. Jeffrey Sachs was in town this afternoon giving a lecture on financial reform and sustainable development. The lecture was hosted by the Department of Finance under the title of the “second annual Thomas K. Shoyama lecture series” – this was a treat to discover. Thomas (Tommy) Shoyama was born in 1916 in Kamloops, BC, attended UBC, and was a reporter for the Vancouver-based Japanese-Canadian newspaper, The New Canadian. It was the only Japanese-Canadian newspaper that was allowed to go to print after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He had a long and distinguished career as a civil servant and I think he even worked his way up to Deputy Minister of Finance – hence the lecture series. It’s always great to hear about distinguished Japanese-Canadians, especially during our 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The Canadian Embassy in Tokyo first opened in 1929.

Ahh but back to Jeffrey Sachs. It’s always nice to have the chance to meet someone who you have been following through the course of your academic career. PLUS it was great to see many other young professionals at the lecture who were ready to engage one of Time magazine’s “100 most influential people.”

p.s. Yes, I did have him sign my copy of Common Wealth.