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Dice-K returns to entertain March 26, 2008

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Pure entertainment. That’s really what it was when you get down to the basics. You can’t script the kind of game that the Rod Sox played against Oakland A’s last night.
Matsuzaka, dubbed 怪物 (kaibutsu) the monster, looked like he was going to disappoint over 44,000 fans with his erratic pitching early on in the game. He gave up five walks, hit a batter, and threw a wild pitch. But after the third inning he looked like he was back in form and left the game after giving up two runs on two hits and striking out six in five innings.
I can’t actually believe that I am typing this – I went from never watching a game of baseball last year to being glued to the TV! I even booed the TV last night when they cut off the game after 9 innings. Can you believe the game stopped being televised after Brandon Moss hit his first major-league home run in the top of the ninth to tie the score!? I didn’t even get to watch Manny Ramirez give Boston the lead with a two-run double in the 10th!! Boooo. To make matters worse the show that was aired instead was a showcase to embarrass Japanese entertainers. Booo indeed… but gotta give Matsuzaka and Okajima a big hand for putting on a good show with their teammates. Thanks for a great game guys!
Update: A friend just gave me a pack of CheerStix! from the game last night. CheerStix!