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Spring Training January 24, 2009

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OTTAWA – Here I am sitting at home doing course readings on a Saturday morning and all I can think of is how much I want to go to Marines Stadium to see the Marines play! I’m still getting the emails from Team 26 and getting weekly updates on fun things that the franchise is putting together for their fans. I think that Bobby and his boys are doing a fantastic job. 2009 is a really big year for the Lotte franchise since it is celebrating its 40th year. 1969 is a pretty good year for a start date! The Lotte team started off as the Lotte Orions (after being the Daimai Orions and Tokyo Orions) and then settled on the Lotte Marines name in 1992… hmm I actually was in Japan in 1992 for the whole year. Fancy that.

As for spring training, the guys are so very very lucky to be going back to Ishigaki Island. I still can’t get over how wonderful the people on the island are and how welcoming they were to the volunteers for the triathlon. I made sure to go check out where the Marines practice when I was there. See below:

Ishigaki Marines Camp

Ishigaki Marines Camp

According to the official website, the Marines will be at the Ishigaki Marines Ball Park starting February 1st to the 23rd. The players and staff will be taking a break on the 4th (Wednesday), 9th (Monday), 14th (Saturday), and 19th (Thursday).  If  anyone is planning a trip to Okinawa, it would be a fun time to go!