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Toronto Raptors – “Canada’s Team” September 25, 2008

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OTTAWA – Just bought four tickets to see the Toronto Raptors play an inter-squad game next Saturday! All for the price of $15 per ticket. How sweet is that? It turns out that Carleton has one of the top university basket ball teams in Canada. I think that they won the title five years in a row but then lost last season. It’s actually funny because I woke up this morning with the intent of buying pre-season tickets to go see the Ottawa Senators play the Habs this Saturday. Got as far as the on-line check out but couldn’t get a hold of my friend to see if she already picked up tickets… will try again later. However, when is the next time that a NBA team is going to be on my campus? Not very likely – so done and done. Very excited to be back warming benches and cheering my lungs out.


Internets September 16, 2008

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OTTAWA – Am back in action. Just had my internet set up in my new place. Will be posting stories/thoughts/pictures soon.