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Baseball Cards June 17, 2008

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I’ve tried to think back if I ever had baseball cards.

I thought and thought and only came up with the fact that I had hockey cards back in the late 80s and maybe had those sticker packets of baseball teams and books you buy at the checkout at a supermarket. When I actually collected cards, I had stacks of X-Files and Star Trek cards, some Magic Cards (yes I am a nerd)… but never really any baseball cards.

A Texas Ranger\'s card signed by Bobby Valentine

When I stumbled upon a card store in Chiba last winter, I took a look at the Japanese baseball card section. Had no idea that they existed but now I do! I bought a few Marines cards from the 2007 season: Saburo, Naruse, and Konayashi Hiro. Oh and a Ma-kun Rakuten Rookie card from the 2007 season as well. Last week I hit the store before heading to Marine Stadium and picked up a Karakawa “Born in Chiba” card (soo cute), a card with Satozaki up to bat, and a Bobby Valentine card dressed up in his Marines uniform taking a swing.

It turns out that Jarrod Shoemaker, triathlete and team USA member at this summer’s Olympics, is a big baseball buff. So I figured if I had the chance to see Bobby, I would ask him to sign a card for good luck. Not only did Bobby sign a Marines card, he opened his drawer to pull out some old cards he had lying around. He signed a couple of Texas Rangers cards!! How great is that?


Canadian Men’s Olympic Triathlon Team Named June 10, 2008

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VANCOUVER – The men’s 2008 Olympic team has been announced: Two-time Olympian and 2000 gold medalist Simon Whitflied, Paul Tichalaar of Edmonton and Colin Jenkins are going to Beijing!

Watching the triathlon live on the net was still thrilling, hope to watch the event on TV at the Olympics. Was so happy for Simon when he came out of the water first. What a great swim! Colin also had a great swim and cycle. Paul finished 9th – just .7 secs short of 8th place I believe.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Ishigaki. I really don’t think that my smile could get any wider. It was taken right after they arrived at the Ishigaki Airport.

Simon, Colin and I

Managed to get 2/3 of the Canadian Olympic team in one picture. Not bad eh?


1500 wins as manager June 5, 2008

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Not too shabby.

Bobby Valentine marked his 1,500th win of his managerial career last night as the Chiba Lotte Marines defeated the Chunichi Dragons 5-4.

This is his 383 win with six seasons with the Marines. Add 1,117 major league wins with the Texas Rangers and New York Mets and you get 1,500. Bobby started with the Rangers in 1985 at the age of 35. It’s kind of crazy to think that it took 23 years to reach this mark – that’s 92% of my life!

Right after a round of post-game hi fives, Ogino gave Bobby his 1,500th winning ball.

Congratulations Bobby!